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What do u think ??

I am wondering what you guys like best to read. Short posts of long ones ? Pictures or no pictures ? Links no links? What posts do u like best ? What subjects do you enjoy reading ? Would you recommend my blog ? (Please comment below and give me any things to do if […]

A month into my personal journey

So, it’s been a month since I started my workout journey to becoming a better and healthier me. I have changed what I eat and how many takeaways I have. I have pushed myself to workout daily, sometimes twice, and I also got on bike rides and walks to keep up my calorie usage. I […]


Lately I have been really struggling to sleep and turn my mind off. Have any of you had this problem ? Do you have any advice or things to try? I have suffered from anxiety for years and I can normally control it however with being off work and constantly stuck at home. This last […]

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