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Thank you

I just wanted to come on here and say a massive thank you to the people who read my posts and the people who have gone out of there way to subscribe to my Blog, Facebook page and my new instagram pay @Hammyfitness. It means the world to me that people are actually interested in […]

Top 10 favourite TV shows or Movies on Netflix

Recently I have been doing quiet a lot of long blog posts that take up quiet a lot of time to do however right now I am trying to balance writing posts and managing my insta and Facebook pages for @Hammyfitness so i’m wanting to do a few shorter quicker posts to keep up my […]

Top 10 products for Toddlers

I did one of these when Melody was only a little baba, however as time has go on and she’s older, things she needs and likes have obviously changed. In the first post I was more about helping other prepare before the baby comes, this one is more about getting things ready when she hits […]

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